West Azarbaijan


» Geography:

    With an area of 43,660 square kilometers, including Orumyeh lak, the province of West Azarbaijan is located on the north-west of Iran. It includes 12 townships: Bokan, Khoy, Makoo, Mahabad, Meyndoab, Neghadeh, Pyranshahr,Salmas, Sardasht, Shahindej, Takab, and Oromyeh.

» History and Historical Sites:

The West-Azarbaijan province is a part of the ancient civilization of Iran. There are many historical castles, hundreds of antique hills and discovered archeological objects which all of them reflect region's long history. 

West Azarbaijan

West Azarbaijan

     On the other hand, this province has always been the residence of different peoples and cultures, churches and ruined fire-temples all indicate its religious evolution along the history.Shi'ite in Orumyeh and northern cities of the province and Sunnite in the southern parts are the main religions.

     Other religious minorities like Assyrians and Armenians are dependent upon different Christian churches. Kords, Assyrians and Armenians, speaking different languages, have their own culture and tradition which are very interesting social of the region.

» Historical Monuments:

     The most important historical and eye-pleasing places are as follows: 

  • Orumyeh lake Kaboodan,

  • Ashk, Arezoo and Espeer islands 

  • Zanbil, Haftabeh and Qaynarjeh mineral and hot water springs,

  • Farhad, Takht Ghara, and Danyal caves with historical value,

  • Ghahar Borj building and Ismail Agha, Kazem Khan, 

  • Bardok Dam and Bakhshi Qala castles hving historical and architectural values

  • Old Bazar of Orumyeh, 

  • Archeological and Natural History Museum, 

  • Mir Davood cave, 

  • Old Mosques of Jame, 

  • Sardar and Orumyeh minaret, 

  • Alavin dome 

  • and different Imamzadeh and shrines.

West Azarbaijan




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