Kohkiloyeh va Boyerahmad


Kohkiloyeh va Boyerahmad

» Geographical Features:

    The province has an area of 16,264 sq. kms and is located in the southwest of Iran It is bordered by the provinces of Fars, Isfahan, Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari, Khuzestan and Bushehr. The province comprises of cold and a tropical regions with three towns and seven cities in all. The provincial capital is Yasuj.

» Historical Background::

     In ancient times a town by the name of Taleh Khosrow existed abou six kms south west of present day Yasuj. Taleh Khosrow was once the capital of ancient Bazarangan tribes who inhabited the area more than 2000 years ago. The most well-known sites, dating back to Arcasid-Ilamite eras, can be seen in Tang Sarvak. There is a four-cornered tomb, built of stone and gypsum, in a site, that is today called forest park of the city of Dehdasht. The locals know the site as the tomb of Shahpour Sassani. The tomb of Emir Lalpa, ancient fire places, the fire place of Chahar-Taqi Farzuk, Sorkhdan fire place, Jaygah and Sereshteh castles, Qaleh Dokhtar castle as well as Solomon castle are among other historical and ancient sites in the province.


Kohkiloyeh va Boyerahmad

» Cultural Characteristics:

     Among the characteristics of the people in the province one can refer to Lori dialect and language, remnants from the language of ancient Iranians. The Lori dialect and language has been less influenced by other languages and has no etymological difference with other Lori dialects. Moreover, Turki dialect is sporadically spoken to in cities, villages and tribal regions of the province, especially in Dogonbadan city. The provincial people are mostly interested in epics more than anything else due their brave spirit.

» Handicrafts: 

     The handicrafts of the province include rugs, 'gelims', carpets, 'gacheh', 'jajim', 'gabeh', 'khurjin', 'namad', local table dress, 'siah-chador', 'khor', 'zirbar', 'tubreh' and 'ja-Qorani'. 


Kohkiloyeh va Boyerahmad

Kohkiloyeh va Boyerahmad

» Souvenirs:

     The most important souvenirs are walnuts and apples from Yasuj, 'Kashk', 'Qara-Qurut' and products obtained from the mountainous regions, including 'Kardeh Choyl', 'Karafs', mushrooms, 'Bilher', 'Kangar' 'Lizak', honey, butter and such herbs as 'Bomadaran', 'Bonshan' 'Babooneh' flower, and 'Gavzaban' flower.




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